Commercial and Private Investigations in Munich, Germany

Professional commercial investigations by our Detective Agency in Munich, Germany. Experienced investigators and well connected researchers: +49 89 7007 4378-0.

National and international services

The Aaden Detective Agency Munich, Germany, is a nationwide and also internationally active investigation company, specialised in corporate crime and employee surveillance but also on private matters. Our experienced German detectives solve even complicated cases in the most discreet manner, thereby always sticking to the law.


Accordingly, the proof provided by our private investigators is readily prepared to be used in court as a written report, supported by images and – if necessary – even videos. Additionally, our detectives will also stand in court as witnesses. 

Surveillance on employees | Employee Monitoring

The department surveillance and employee monitoring of the Aaden Detective Agency Munich, Germany, is specialised in investigations on suspicions like faked sick notes, unauthorised secondary employments, failure to work the contractually specified hours, false expense claims, competitive fraud and theft at the workplace. Using professional techniques of surveillance, up-to-date technical devices, elaborated investigation tactics like legal infiltration of detectives into companies and many more, the private investigators of our Detective Agency in Germany are highly flexible in their choice of methods and capable of reacting to difficult circumstances.


After finishing our investigations, we always provide our clients with a full investigation report which may be used in court in order to give our clients the opportunity to claim their legal rights.

Business people fighting | Detective Agency Munich | Private Investigator Munich
Do you suspect one or more of your employees to cheat on you one way or the other? Our private investigators in Germany will find out the truth and provide you with legal evidence.

Commercial Investigations in Munich

Our department for – or better – against corporate crime works on matters like espionage in companies, debtor search, insurance fraud and crime in the logistics sector (mainly theft and embezzlement). The strategical and technical possibilities of detecting corporate crime constantly become more varied but criminals do not sleep either. Again and again they find new strategies to illegally get the most money out of their victims as they possibly can. The experienced commercial investigators of the Aaden Detective Agency Munich, Germany, have seen many a thing in their days; we will gladly help you to check your doubts and suspicions and/or to solve criminal cases which have already been committed. 

Private Investigator Munich

Though being specialised in commercial investigations, our private detectives from Munich also offer their experiences and expertise for private persons in need of help, e.g. in order to examine cases of unfaithfulness in relationships, to help with custody problems or with alimony suspicions like hidden jobs. We also lend our support to the victims of bullying, stalking, burglary and theft.


Especially interesting for many of our foreign clients: address investigations. Be it an old friend, be it a family member you have lost sight of, be it a debtor you want us to track down – with our network of researchers and investigators that spans the whole of Europe and beyond, our investigators are in more than 80 % of our cases capable to find the person you are looking for at a low fare and in more than 95 % of the cases if we have a flexible budget.

Permanent establishments in Germany

The Aaden Detective Agency operates from eight permanent premises in different areas of Germany:

Areas of operation from Munich

Based in Munich, the biggest city in Southern Germany, our private investigators cover the following cities and areas (among many others):


  • Federal states/areas: 
  • Cities and towns:
    • Detective Agency for Nuremberg
    • Detective Agency for Rosenheim
    • Detective Agency for Regensburg
    • Detective Agency for Passau
    • Detective Agency for Augsburg
    • Detective Agency for Ingolstadt
    • Detective Agency for Fürth
    • Detective Agency for Erlangen
    • Detective Agency for Bamberg
    • Detective Agency for Bayreuth
    • Detective Agency for Landshut
    • Detective Agency for Neu-Ulm
    • Detective Agency for Memmingen
    • Detective Agency for Friedrichshafen


If the town or area for which you need an investigator is not listed above, please feel free to directly make an enquiry – we will find a proper solution!

Contact the Aaden Detective Agency in Munich

Our consultants are available from Monday to Friday, 08:00-19:00, CET: +49 89 7007 4378-0. As it is possible that you may call at a time when there is no English speaking consultant in our office, please give it another try a few hours later or write us an email to We will gladly call you back if you leave us your telephone number.

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